Animals of Central America

Central America has a wide range of wildlife from a variety of insects to birds and various mammals. This wide range is partly due to the different types of fauna within the region from open grassland to tropical rainforest giving Central America this vibrant mixture within its ecosystem.

Due to its location you can perhaps see Central American wildlife as being the meeting point between the tropical animals of South America to those more common in North America. This can perhaps be best seen within the spread of big cats in Central America with the existence of cougars, pumas and jaguars to name but a few. People shall perhaps be more familiar with cougars appearing in parts of the United States and jaguars can be associated with the Amazon in South America yet they exist in Central America although in smaller numbers. Sadly these numbers are becoming fewer due to hunting and the destruction of their preferred habitat such as the rainforests.

The rainforests which cover a vast part of Central America are relatively light on mammals but instead are full of insects and reptiles. This is mainly due to the rainforests being exceptionally crowded with very little floor space for them to survive on. Apart from reptiles and insects perhaps the next most common type of animal is a monkey with several species being found in the area.

Snakes are a common occurrence within the rainforests of Central America but some people mistakenly believe that the anaconda can be found in the area due to its existence in the Amazon. However this is not the case but other constrictor snakes do appear in the area and can still grow to an amazing length. Apart from constrictors you have a number of tree snakes as well as some that are poisonous. Therefore great care has to be taken in the area but due to the sheer number of species it is impossible to understand and know about each and every one. The other most common type of reptile in the area is the lizard. Several species can be found right across Central America with the most common being the iguana and the gecko. In some parts they are actually sold as meat as a local delicacy. This hunting them for meat is helping to put additional pressure on their numbers along with the destruction of the rainforest.

One type of animal mostly associated with tropical regions is brightly colored birds and Central America is no different. The bright feathers of the quetzal have long been sought after right from Mayan times when they used them for their head dresses and ceremonial uses. But apart from the quetzal you have a number of parrots, toucans and other birds migrating from North and South America.

To see the wildlife and to be able to fully appreciate it you are best to get off the main tourist tracks and see what lies behind it. It may not be a vacation full of luxury however as to get the best out of it you shall more than likely find yourself in hostels, guest houses or campsites across the area.

Who Discovered America?

Ask the question, who discovered America in any sitting and you are prone to get the same response; Christopher Columbus. Nevertheless, this has been questioned numerous times. Columbus is claimed to have landed on the American shores in October 1492 while on his route to India. Based on history, Columbus didn’t land in mainland America rather somewhere in the Bahamas. Amerigo Vespucci travelling in 1497 is claimed to have been the person that discovered America. He was an explorer of Italian origin. It’s worth noting that even though Vespucci was the first individual to step on America, he’s not the person who gave the continent its name. This was executed by Martin Waldseemuller.

After studying history books, it is clear that it is not sure that Columbus and Vespucci were the people who discovered America. This is because the Chinese books also claim to have executed the same. The Chinese books say that that they had landed on the Americas long before the Europeans even set foot. From this, you cannot help however keep asking who really discovered the continent that is America. If you keep studying history books, you will come to agree that indeed Columbus didn’t land in America. Many other individuals reached the American coast earlier than Columbus.

Individuals from the continent of Asia are stated to have reached America earlier than Columbus and settled there. They can be stated to be the people who discovered America. It was in 986 AD that expeditions to America are supposed to have started. This was centuries earlier than Columbus landed on the continent. The expeditions are said to have been initiated by one Bjarni Herjolfsson. The rationale why he’s not credited with the discovery of America has to do with the truth that the expeditions were not properly documented. Had this been achieved, it would be appropriate to state that there would not be a mention of Columbus.

In keeping with some existing data, it was Zheng, a Chinese Admiral who discovered America. Nevertheless, this has been overtly refuted as none of Zheng’s voyages went past the Indian Ocean. In Icelandic tales, America was discovered by Leif Erickson a Norse explorer. While there is absolutely no documentation of this, archeologist discovered what are believed to be Viking-sort of settlements in Canada. The settlements, that are about one thousand years old, go to show that indeed Columbus was not the first individual to land in America Accordingly, it would be improper to say that he’s the person that discovered the continent.

So far it is still unclear as to who discovered America. Columbus can only be credited with bringing colonialism to America. The landing of Columbia in America opened doors to other Europeans who occupied the continent and established their rule. It’s worth noting that when the European colonialists landed in America they discovered the Native Americans. These are considered the native inhabitants of America. Possibly somewhere in the huge land that is America, is proof pointing to the individual or those who discovered America. Let us hope we are able to discover it someday.

America Ferrera

America Ferrera is a famous film and television actress, who is most notable for her role as Betty Suarez in the hit television series “Ugly Betty”, as well as her prominent roles in movies such as “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” and “Our Family Wedding”. A highly skilled and talented actress, America has had the opportunity of working with the best and the brightest of Hollywood, who often praise America for her simplicity and powerful acting.

America has no problem in portraying different roles, making her a very versatile actress. She has received numerous awards and nominations for her acting such as Satellite Awards, ALMA Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Award. It is no surprise for her to receive such accolades, as she has been a very talented actress since she was ten years old. In an interview with America, she recalled how at such an early age, she already got into acting:

“Well, I started working in theater when I was quite young. I was probably 8 or 9 or 10, around there. I started acting wherever I could — at school, in a community theater — wherever I could do it, I did it.”

America is also a wonderful producer, and has produced films that connect to the heart of the person to which the movie is shown to. She states in an interview:

“I think it is a rewarding and powerful experience being involved in something from an idea all the way to the big screen. It’s a much different kind of experience than just being an actor… not that being an actor is not an important role as well. I just mean it’s much more involved when you’re a producer. It feels like a real labor of love.”

One of the things that inspire us about America is her security and confidence in who she is. In the world of Hollywood where almost every woman is so concerned about being skinny or too slim, America shows no insecurity despite being quite ‘meatier’ (as most would term) compared to her fellow actresses.

This security is what enabled America to successfully play roles that other actresses would not even dare to, and given her a connection to a lot of teenage women who keep sending thank you letters to America for being an inspiration to them. In an interview with her, America discussed the issue with the body in many of the young women in America:

“I think the body image thing, everybody can identify with that. In our culture there’s just so much pressure and so much attention placed on the way we look. You just turn on the TV or flip open a magazine and there’s people who don’t look like any of us. I think this movie is like, finally, a celebration of reality and of our imperfections. We’re not all a size 2 and we’re not all a size 0, and you know what? That’s OK, because some of us like to eat!”

Another trait that makes America extraordinary is the way she handled discrimination in her life. Being born into a Latin American family, she has witnessed and personally experienced racial discrimination. She says in an interview:

“There is this (older) generation that taught their kids to be color blind and yet have not really embodied that and then the generation that truly is. I’m not gonna say that everyone in my generation is (color blind). That’s just not true but the way that the people I know and the people my age move in and out of cultural experiences and are in multi-racial relationships, that sort of racism is not a part of our language.”

And yet, in spite of the racism that she has witnessed and experienced, America has amazingly managed to let it pass and not let herself be brought down by what other people are saying. Throughout her career, America’s resilience and optimistic personality has enabled her to become the successful actress that she is today.

America’s perspective on life is inspiring as she does not place any limits to herself. She is never afraid to get into something new, and keeps on challenging herself to move higher and higher not just in her career, but in her life overall. This has enabled her to take on challenging roles and successfully develop her as an outstanding actress. In an interview made with America, she states:

“I try not to put any rules or boundaries on what the next thing will be. I try not to plan what I’d like to be doing. Life always goes in the completely opposite way. I’m just sort of open to good stuff, good work, and good characters. I don’t know what form that’s going to come in next, whether it’s theater, film, or television… or who knows? I’m just staying open and hopeful that I will continue to either find or create meaningful work.”

But apart from all of the successes that she has received in her show business career, what makes America a wonderful inspiration is her active work as a philanthropist. Aside from actively supporting over ten charitable organizations around the world, America has even started her own foundation, America4America, which aims to fight poverty and suffering in the United States by promoting the rights of every American citizen, no matter what race they may be from. She is also an advocate of the famous Half the Sky movement, and has appeared in one of the movement’s documentaries, where she worked with the women of Africa.

America typifies the kind of woman that many look up today, due to her perseverance and diligence in seeing her dreams come to pass. Her life story is an amazing inspiration to all of us to believe that we can fulfill our dreams if we are willing to believe.

The Place Of America In God’s Calendar (Part One)

United States of America has clear divine remarks. We shall be looking into some of those points standing as evidence to that. By the time we are done with this article, we will agree together that these are undeniable facts. Although there were early great nations that stood as Empires then who at the same time have maintained their original names, These Countries need to be appreciated, because it has never been easy for one to stay on the road all the day without being knocked down. It is my privilege to mention these countries with honor and respect as they were grossly mentioned in the Bible, starting from Old Testament. Countries like Egypt, Israel, Ethiopia, Libya, Rome, and many others; they really encountered the manifestations and presence of God in one way or the other. Most of them have been in existence for five thousand (5000) years.

We are here to look into the Nation of America, to explore, identify the strategic and prophetic agenda of God bestowed upon her. We will examine the journey so far, encourage the upcoming generations the need to uphold the covenant and inheritance from the founding fathers. The flows of responsibilities invested in them, and to look for possible way forward with greater returns. One thing with God is if anyone submits himself to Him for a use, He will definitely use him beyond the person’s imagination. Likewise, if a community decides to come to God with one mind, He then unfolds His agenda for that generation.

God Was Behind America In Her Exodus
From the first day America commenced their movement as a nation, the hand of God was with them. Just like the children of Israel, they experienced a great exodus in order to pursue the purpose of God as a nation. When Israel left Egypt their land of bondage for freedom, it was for them to worship God. In the same trend in the early 16th century, there was an unusual spiritual unrest planted in the minds of American founding fathers which propelled them leave before the appearance of European influences, for the purpose of liberty, free expression that nature offers, and to uphold their divine agenda which was heavily upon their shoulders. It takes a destiny oriented community to take that giant strides the way America did. Definitely, most of them suffered casualties, however that did not change their vision. As a vision carrier, the contents of the message will keep repeating in the ears of the beholder. That was what happened with America: global transformation agenda.

America as God’s Tithe For the Nations
Counting from when God began to relate with men, that was over five thousand (5000) years now. America as a united nation began five hundred (500) years ago. If we look into this divine calculation, America falls into one tenth of the global count down; otherwise known as a tithe from the world. Tithe is God’s demand from every income. This is to be used for the purpose of His kingdom. Ten is very significant. Out of every ten, God has one. This means from the history of existence, America is that tithe from the community of the earth. The agenda of God is to use America as His own ten percent to revive the world. This does not mean that America is in any way competing with Israel. There is no community that can take the place of Israel before God. But God chose America for the purpose of fulfilling His mandate- world evangelization. A good reference to this is from Apostle Paul who was never among the disciples of Jesus Christ, but he was an ordained apostle specifically chosen to share the light of the Kingdom to the Gentiles. So is the case with America.

America is a State With a Mission
The coming together of America as a United State, the Founding Fathers had a covenant with God. The Country under God agreed to Trust Him. This can easily be traced through their currency, coded in their medium of exchange: ‘In God We Trust’. This portrays the responsibility, the core reason of their being as a nation. Today, Dollar has a message for the nations of the world. Another area of note is their agreement under God to be used as catalysts or agents of World’s revival. The footprint of US has created a big mark in every part of the world. America by the virtue of their missions, does not flatter, but their output has written volumes to all and sundry around the globe. In the area of Evangelistic Outreach, Missionary Movement, Charity Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Political Influence, America has been a nation with exceptional ability. Looking at things they have put on ground, one can easily conclude that US knows where they are going to. Apart from Israel whose greetings ‘Shalom’ centers on peace, America is a nation that has a standard and proven evidence that she has a global agenda for peace. These are days almost every country tends to experience one challenge or the other, where we witness countless issues like: corruption, explosive and deadly weapons, suicide killings, terrorism, and the like, She has spearheaded the challenges to be an answer to these issues. This is indeed a nation with a mission.