6 Reasons Why Only A Fool Thinks Market America Is A Pyramid

People either prefer to be enabled or empowered, so I ask you, which do you prefer? As for me, I prefer 100% to be an empowered entrepreneur, make my rules in life, and ultimately control my destiny.

Being an UnFranchise® insider, I am more-and-more enamored in how being an UnFranchise® owner, positions us in possessing the financial stability to that of the pyramids in Egypt.

We are truly unique in so many ways, and the internet marketing and perennial internet retailing powerhouse of a company that we run our businesses though in MA, provides us with the most “rock solid” of an infrastructure to support our efforts and has poised us to breakthrough and conquer the internet retailing infusion in the billions of households all over the world.

Although I personally don’t ever get asked if Market America is a pyramid anymore, If I was to be asked, I would turn the fact finding process back over to the person who asked me. How can a company that employs 600 people worldwide, is currently hiring, and is being sought after and found by more-and-more media outlets to expose everyday could be considered a pyramid?

Even in this “stressed and hamstrung” economy, our corporate management team has been in place and working together for nearly 20 years. As for this year, MA is going to be expanding its already in place operations in 5 countries in 2011, which will add to it’s already 100 and growing number of new employees to help support the growth in what should be yet another 4 quarters of growth in 2011.

The year 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary and as you continue reviewing whether or not there is a Market America pyramid going on here. Focus your fact-finding efforts on these 2 factors:

Their Financial Track Record – Generating just about $500 million in total sales in the fiscal year 2009.

Privately held companies usually want nothing to do with participating in the auditing process, but as JR Ridinger, founder and CEO says, “We’re not on trial anymore and we have nothing to hide”.

Market America’s Business Practices – In the last 3 years; Google, Microsoft, and hundreds of other corporate conglomerates have attempted to acquire our internet marketing machine…

“NOT FOR SALE”, JR Ridinger says! In my humble opinion, I don’t believe any of these company’s legal departments would have moved out of phase one of their plans if they thought of Market America as a scam, pyramid, scheme, or who knows whatever else.

Market America could quite possibly amass $1 billion in sales by year-end 2012, and I’d like to list a few of the reasons why I feel this dream could manifest into Market America’s reality:

  1. Their Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics line surpassed $12 million in total sales 2009, (up from $4 Million in 2008).
  2. There is over 2,500 health professionals who have partnered their practices with nutraMetrix, (the fastest growing sector in MA).
  3. Market America currently has operations in North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, and soon to be a wider visibility throughout Europe and most likely Mexico next.
  4. They have over 300 independent UnFranchise® owners who have earned in excess of $1 Million as outside consults, and tens of thousand of others who enjoy an ongoing six figure residual income stream.
  5. They have formed “thriving” partnerships with hundreds of “internet enabled” retailers, who want to leverage Market America’s PRIME online real estate and their “RABID BUYER and RAVING FAN” customer base.
  6. The parent company’s website is currently ranked #54 on the Internet Retailers Top 100 poll…up from #66 in the previous poll. We’ve changed places with a little known company called Disney.

I feel the largest attributing reason as to why Market America is not a pyramid is because right now, as in starting today, you could go on to become the #1 income earner in less than 3 years if you wanted to!

In corporate America, that system is set up to pay you based on your title and tenure, have you held hostage by operating under an if you show up – you get paid system, and your growth is limited to available positions, and the projected growth of somebody Else’s company!

Take charge of your financial future… after all, you are the one that has to spend the rest of your life there.

America’s Destiny Must Prevail

America’s destiny was in heart of God before Christopher Columbus touched American soil. Columbus was a devoted believer in Christ with a sense of mission. He believed his voyage was commissioned by God to carry the light of Christ to undiscovered lands. In his words, “There is no question that the inspiration was from the Holy Spirit.” When he landed in America Columbus planted a cross and dedicated the land to God. With that, America’s destiny was born.

America became a beacon of light throughout the world. Through this Nation the gospel has been preached and the Kingdom of God has been advanced. She has built churches, schools, hospitals, and orphanages at home and abroad in the name of Christ. Missionaries from America span the globe. God has blessed America for her goodness. Today her goodness has diminished and America’s destiny is waning.

America’s Destiny is Threatened by a System of Evil

Across America today Christians stand in disbelief at the current state of this once great nation. A hell-filled system has belched out threats to obliterate every trace of America’s destiny. It seeks to control the White House, Congress, Senate, the Courts, the IRS, the Media, Banking and Educational Systems. It desires to dominate every organization that controls how America thinks, how she is governed, how she learns, how she makes and spends her money, and where her loyalties lie.

This bestial system has worked under a stealth cover in the past. Reckless and self-promoting politicians have been taking the blame for its destructive actions. Politicians are not blameless but a hand bigger than theirs strives to take down America. Greedy candidates filled with hunger for power and control find favor with this beast. They are controlled by it as pawns on the world stage.

Behind these unsuspecting “government servants” is a laser focused system that seeks to destroy everything associated with America’s destiny. It now works in shameless and overt fashion to rob America’s citizens of their liberty, autonomy, wealth, and above all their Christian roots.

Perception tells us that this beast does not possess inherent power and control. It is empowered by an unrelenting, evil with a singular, sinister obsession. His obsession echoes through the ages. It echoes in Genesis, Esther, the Gospels, and Acts. The beast stopped at nothing to destroy God’s people in Nazi Germany. His obsession has been “I will be like the Most High!”

Tolerance in American has Empowered the Beast

America has embraced tolerance and empowered the contemptible beast. Tolerance demands that we honor religions and life-styles that oppose Biblical standards that lie at the foundation of America’s destiny. Don’t rock the boat or oppose another’s beliefs. Through tolerance we are now a nation that accepts everything and challenges nothing.

Embracing tolerance has allowed this prodigious beast to lord itself over America with brute audacity. It has systematically weakened our nation and greatly diminished the strength and potency of our military force and the value of the American dollar. In the name of tolerance adultery, the homosexual lifestyle, and abortion go unchallenged. In fact everything but the Christian Faith with the freedom and liberty it brings is tolerated.

As darkness increases the hope for national recovery diminishes. Our silence has given hell free reign in our country. We ask why God has turned his back on America. In fact we have tied His hands by ignoring His righteous standards. We’ve prayed for mercy without consideration that God opposes the proud. Praying for justice releases the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 into our land. In short America faces destruction because she has opposed His righteous standards. America is in bed with the beast and she has committed every sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. God has kept His promise and visited our sins with justice.

The Christian Response to the Beast Has Been Weak

Christians may argue that they have played no part in the wickedness in our land. Before that argument continues, consider this. Jesus died for our eternal salvation. We are empowered by His Holy Spirit. We are fortified with His mighty Word. He commands us not to be overcome by evil but to overcome evil with good. When we have favored His righteous standards, America’s destiny was assured. Today that destiny is gravely threatened.

Christ has given us every advantage against our foes. Yet the Church cowers before this beast arguing that it is too strong and too well fortified. Hell’s strongholds have kept us from believing in God’s grace to overcome every power that would dare to oppose us. In the face of a raging, growing enemy God’s army has yawned and fallen asleep.

It is Time to Take Back America’s Heritage

Where is the Zeal of David today? When Goliath paralyzed Israel’s army, David did not flinch. He boldly demanded, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that threatens the armies of God?” We face the same threat today. Unchallenged this giant will obliterate America’s destiny from the face of the earth. We cannot be silent. The day may come when evil prevails and deep darkness covers the earth. That day is not Today! We must oppose this ruthless, unrelenting beast today before it annihilates our America’s destiny.

2 Chronicles 7:14 commands us to humble ourselves, pray and seek God’s face for America’s destiny to be restored. If we do He will hear us. As we sincerely turn from our wicked ways we will find deliverance. We must pray as Daniel did “Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, hear and act! For your sake, my God, do not delay, because your city and your people bear your Name.”

The same God that honored David’s zeal and Daniel’s desperation awaits our prayers. That God will hear from Heaven and heal our land. He alone can restore the foundations that made our Nation Great. If America’s destiny fails, the Gospel light will greatly dim throughout the World and millions will plunge into eternal destruction. America’s Destiny must prevail!

America Is Great When Americans Are Good

One of the politicians who seeks the office of the President runs on this campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” What are the criteria that determine when America is great? Who decides when America is great? Since the slogan ends in the word “again,” we can take an historical look at when America was great and why.

For millennia, America, the continent, was home to a wondrous variety of tribal people. Being tribal, they struggled with one another, alternating between times of peace with neighboring tribes and times when they used tribal warfare to protect themselves or to expand their hunting territory. The hunting of wild game was often the determining factor, especially if the game that was being hunted moved elsewhere (onto another tribe’s territory). This was an interesting time, about which we know very little, but I do not believe that the expanse of America was great during this time.

The American continent was colonized by Europeans, beginning in the 17th century. Both opportunists and persecuted people were colonists. The opportunists sought gold, power, and great tracts of land. The persecuted attempted to establish their little slices of heaven in America. Both groups encountered the tribal people, and while there were times of peace, there was a lot of war too, plus pestilence (diseases traded between the once-separated tribesmen and the Europeans). America was not great during this time.

British colonials organized to separate from Britain in the 18th century. They drew upon the democratic ideals of ancient Greece and they invoked the protection of God upon their endeavor. Lucky for them, they got help from the French and the Spanish, plus Britain was involved in a world war at the time. The east coast of America became the United States of America, a new experiment in democracy. High ideals, sound moral foundations, and a people came together to apply their energy to expand and grow strong during and after this time. America was great!

The growth and expansion of America (the USA) continued into the 19th century, but it skewed as the southern states remained largely agrarian (agricultural) while the northern states moved faster into the industrial age. Social and political differences arose and Americans were compelled to revisit unfinished business. During our Revolutionary War, the power to war had come from the colonies, which were now states. The power remained with the states up to the 1860’s, which made the USA more like the uSA (little u). The great democratic experiment nearly failed, but did not fail. It got stronger. America came back from a major setback, to resume its expansion toward greatness. The defining time for America was World War II. The peoples of the world were on the brink of being divided up by great warring nations, and America stepped in to rally those who resisted it and to lead two simultaneous efforts to crush it. Without question, America was great during the 1940’s and it became a super power in the 1950’s.

I will leave you with an opinion. I believe that America was unprepared and ungrateful for what it had, to the point of embarking on a path to lose its morality and its walk with God, beginning in the 1960’s. Since that time, at every level from low to high, our people fail to have vision, goals, to make plans and to resource them. Instead of leading, America has mostly reacted to what other nations do. In the name of all-inclusiveness, we bring our collective energy down to the lowest and softest level of our society. The lowest and softest peoples of the world flock to our country, and they get in.

In America today, about 1,000 Christian churches stand up each year, and about 4,000 existing Christian churches fail each year from lack of attendance. So, the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” at the very least, implies that America is not great now. I agree, that America is not great now. The list of what we cannot or will not do far exceeds accomplishments that we might place on a list of greatness. If you agree, how do we make America great again? I believe that we, as a people, must rediscover our morality, and yes, God has a role, a BIG role, in order for our great experiment in democracy to continue. It can begin with a single person, one moral American, taking a stand. If the stance is pure and good, Americans will rally on it. We got lucky during our revolution. Perhaps we will get lucky again and a moral man or woman will emerge to run for the office of President of the United States.

America’s Cup in San Francisco and Louis Vuitton Is Back!

For the 34th America’s Cup competition the city of San Francisco, California is being added to the roster of host cities. ‘Auld Mug’, as yacht racing fans call the cup, is returning to the USA for the first time in 18 years.

And Louis Vuitton is resuming sponsorship activities for the series of regattas that determine the Challenger for the 2013 competition. This brings the Louis Vuitton Cup back to the America’s Cup World Series and the resumption of 25 years of helping to determine the most competitive contestant to go up against the defender, America’s Oracle Team.

The British America’s Cup

It all started in 1851. Henry W. Paget, the 1st Marquess of Anglesey, donated this ornate trophy to the Royal Yacht Squadron as the prize for a yearly regatta around the Isle of Wight.

The yacht ‘America’ won the race and the trophy was named America’s Cup in honor of the victor.

The boating syndicate that owned the schooner ‘America’ gave the prize to the New York Yacht Club in 1857; to always remain available for international competition. There the cup remained until 1983. The New York Yacht Club’s record winning streak was broken by the yacht ‘Australia II’, crewed by the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

Louis Vuitton Joins the Team

1983 was a pivotal year for another important reason… The Louis Vuitton Cup becomes the Challenger series of regattas that will determine which yacht club meets the Defender. From the 3rd America’s Cup in 1876 through the 20th competition in 1967 there was never more than one contestant for the role of Challenger!

In 1970 this changed. More entrants created the need for a method to determine the strongest competitor for the ‘Auld Mug’.

Louis Vuitton Cup

In 2007 Louis Vuitton terminated almost a quarter of a century of sponsorship for the America’s Cup competition. In 2011 the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) proudly announced the return of Louis Vuitton for the 34th America’s Cup, with San Francisco Bay as the center arena.

The ACEA plans to bring the competition for the oldest active trophy in international sports into the 21st century. It is their intent to bring the joy and excitement of yacht racing to the public in ways never experienced before. For the first time the yacht race will not take place miles off-shore. The geography of the Bay Area accords spectators with a natural amphitheater of vast proportions… and San Francisco Bay is the stage.

Front Row Seats… On Land and Bay

Viewing-boats will line the shore from the Bay Bridge, along Fisherman’s Wharf, past Fort Mason and Crissy Field to Fort Point beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Other floating tail-gaiters will be anchored off Sausalito and Angel Island.

America’s Cup Race Course

The proposed course is an amoebic circle with Alcatraz Island as the central feature. For the first time in history the view of the America’s Cup might be better from land…

  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Marin Headlands
  • Angel Island
  • Treasure Island
  • Alcatraz Island

… And personal residences. San Francisco is full of hills with excellent views of the Bay and the Financial district has many high-rise buildings with imposing vistas of the race course.

Global Media Saturation

State of the art innovations in television and internet broadcasting will let the viewer partake of the unique experience of sailing a catamaran at high speeds… with one pontoon in the air! On-board microphones (maybe even sail-cams) and much more will guarantee an experience of sailing which the viewer has never dreamed possible.

Visit San Francisco

Live sporting events are best enjoyed live!